Our services
Our team is ready to serve you in the most diverse market solutions, such as ERP, BI, CRM, HR, FISCAL, …
In addition to knowledge of specific tools, our professionals have training and experience in the business processes of the most diverse business areas.
We also have professionals with functional profiles for different market players (SAP, Oracle, Qlik, Fiscal Solutions,), as well as technology professionals (DBA, Java, .NET, …).
We have a project development area that understands the real need and particularity of each customer and designs the most appropriate solution for the business.
For cases in which the solution design is already defined by the customer, our team makes a technical and functional analysis of it and prepares a detailed proposal in the best way possible to meet the request.
In carrying out the projects, experienced and certified managers are used, who rely on the best practices and market methodologies.
If your company has an idea, a specific need or still wants to carry some of its solutions, we are prepared to develop it and / or transform it into an application to be executed on any mobile device (e.g.: smartphone, tablet, ...) on the platforms iOS and Android.
In the concept of software factory, we work on the development of specific solutions on demand for each customer, using the most modern technology tools.
These solutions can be developed for use on a local server or, if the customer prefers, we provide all the necessary infrastructure for SaaS and/or Cloud.
Our specialists in Industry 4.0 and IoT are prepared to create a strategy that can support our customers in their initiatives.
We use methodologies that can be applied for each maturity status of companies regarding Automation up to Management and Intelligence Systems.
Among them we highlight those from the German Academy of Technology (ACATECH), where we can map all the vertical and horizontal integration axis, which are based on the concept of German Industry 4.0, and also integrate concepts and methodologies such as the RAMI (Reference Architectures Model Industry 4.0), which came to replace the well-known ISA-95 model, making it more complete to the new trends of Industry 4.0.
We have a team of highly trained instructors to teach several courses, especially in SAP. All courses are in distance learning format, however, depending on the need, we can also teach on company’s site and, in this case, the training is customized with its specific content.
We also have a specially developed lecture grid on Industry 4.0 and IoT. These are lectures that aim to demystify this new reality in industries and discuss how the union of these new technologies, connected and intelligent, can bring a new digital reality for them.