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Avalara Suite of Solutions for Tax Compliance aims to manage fulfillment with all taxes and tax obligations in all areas. It is a cloud solution offering in the SaaS mode, which complements both ERP and Tax Solutions already existing in customers. It can be connected to the most diverse ERPs, such as SAP, ORACLE, NETSUITE, IFS, MS DYNAMICS, INFOR, as well as those developed internally or legacy systems. Each solution works independently and can be contracted separately.
Consultation and validation of customer and supplier records with official agencies.
Tax calculation engine, electronic invoice generation and messaging.
Recovery, management, validation and reconciliation of NFe, CTe and NFSe.
Calculation and generation of obligations and taxes.
Validation and crossing of obligations. PVA automation.
Management of obligations, taxes and documents.
Creating a truly agile and data-based organization requires more than just a visualization tool. Qlik's open data analytics platform supports a complete portfolio of solutions that provide advanced analytics across the spectrum of Business Intelligence needs, enabling the creation of visualizations, dashboards and applications that answer your company's most important questions, thus allowing you to see the full story that lives in your data.
Qlik Sense™
Data analysis platform with increased intelligence
Qlik Replicate™
Replication, ingestion and continuous data mirroring
Qlik Compose™ for DW
Preparation, design, creation and automation of Data Warehouses
Qlik Compose™ for Data Lake
Preparation, design, creation and automation of data lakes
Qlik Enterprise™ Manager
Unify control of complex scenarios with Replicate & Compose
Qlik Golden Client™
Simplifies SAP test and modernization of data management initiatives
Qlik Catalog™ (Data Catalyst)
Loading, cataloging, managing and publishing data and metadata
Qlik Alerting™
Intelligent alert platform for Qlik Sense®
Qlik Insight™ Bot
Allows you to chat with the analysis in addition to viewing them
Qlik RepliWeb™
Simplifies file replication and release processes
Qlik Visibility™
Intelligent data and workload management
Qlik NPrinting™
Active information in the form of ready-made reports